How Annual Roof Inspections Can Save You Money

Did you know that having your roof inspected at least once a year can actually save you a lot of money in the long run? Your roof is among the most essential parts of your home. It acts as a shield against nature’s harsh elements day in, day out. This, unfortunately, also makes it highly vulnerable and susceptible to damage. To ensure it’s in the best possible shape to continue providing optimum protection for you and your family you need to have it inspected regularly. Here are 4 reasons why scheduling annual roof inspections make financial sense.

1. Helps Detect Budding Roof Problems Early

While it’s true that an untrained eye can spot obvious roof problems such as a leak, or broken and missing shingles, only a comprehensive inspection by a roofing professional can unearth other less-noticeable problematic signs. That’s because roofing specialists don’t just restrict themselves to the roof but they also care about other indirect aspects that may signal your roof may be in jeopardy. These may include the presence of mild cracks in the chimneys, the condition of the gutter system, the ventilation in your attic, and much more. Early detection of roof problems means you’ll spend less money on mild repairs and preventative measures.


2. Helps Avoid Roof Replacements

The average cost of having your roof replaced is about $8,000. This price usually fluctuates for most people between $5,500 and $11,000 depending on the size of their home and the type of roofing material. Now contrast that figure with the amount most people pay for an annual roof inspection a meager $119. To put this in perspective, this means a quality roof inspection for a 30 year period, which is the expected lifetime of a good roof, will cost you about $3500! Significantly less than the price of a new roof. That’s also discounting the peace of mind you get after every inspection which is priceless.

3. Helps Avoid Damage to Your Home’s Interior

Some leaks on your roof can occur in obscure locations. These leaks can cause water to enter your home without you knowing and damage boards, paintings, and any expensive equipment you may have. In some cases, they can facilitate the growth of mold which can lead to a variety of health issues – which you’ll be required to foot the treatment for. In addition, the leaks can act as entry points for disease-causing organisms that can put your family’s health further at risk and raise your medical expenses.

4. Helps Make Your Home’s Surroundings Safer

After several heavy storms, some tiles on your roof may become loose and a gust of wind can cause them to disjoint from the roofing system and fall onto your surrounding property, damaging whatever may be nearby, such as your car, or any equipment laying around. Even worse, they may fall on a passerby and cause a serious injury leaving you with a substantial medical bill, not to mention a possible lawsuit. Needless to say, these costs are significantly higher than the price of a quality roof inspection.

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