My Roof is Leaking: Now What?

If your roof has sprung a leak, don’t panic! Roof leaks can be worrying, particularly if you’re not able to have them seen by an experienced roofer straight away. But there are measures you can take to minimize the damage of your roof leak while you await professional assistance.

Move your belongings out of the way

If your roof is leaking through to the top floor of your home, the first thing you should do is move your possessions so that they’re not going to be damaged by falling water. Electrical items should be a top priority, but wooden furniture can also be warped by water damage and fabric can trap water and create mildew.

Get the buckets out

Once the area’s been cleared, it’s time to protect your floor and the rest of your home from water damage. Place a bucket, or any other waterproof container, underneath the leak to catch as much of the water falling in through your roof as possible. You’ll need a backup container to switch out each time your container fills up and needs emptying.


Look out for water pockets in the ceiling

Keep an eye out near the leak for a sagging protrusion coming from your ceiling; this is a pocket of water. While it might seem unintuitive, the best thing you can do if you spot one of these is getting the buckets out and bursting the pocket. When left, these could either erupt when you’re not ready with a bucket, or they can spread and cause further damage.

Apply tarp to the roof

If you’re waiting on a roofer for longer than you’d like, a temporary solution is tarping the roof. You can do this by carefully, safely accessing your roof, and covering the problem area (and plenty of space around it) with tarpaulin, which should keep most rainwater out for at least a little while.

Think about your insurance

If a leak in your roof causes significant damage to your home, you’ll probably want to claim back some of the costs of this from your insurer. For this reason, it’s important to take plenty of photos during the leak; take one as soon as you see it, and continue taking photos as damage progresses, to make your claim go more smoothly.

Hire a professional

Without a doubt, the most important step to remember is to hire a professional roofer to fix your roof. Leaking roofs can cause untold damage to the structure of homes, as well as leading to damage to property and possessions inside the home. It’s important to have your roof fixed by a qualified, experienced professional who will ensure that your roof is repaired properly and that a leak won’t simply spring up again at the next sign of heavy rain.

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