Roof Maintenance: 4 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your New House’s Roof

Buying a home can feel a lot like becoming a new parent. There’s so much to keep track of and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and wonder if you’re forgetting something! Take care of the roof on your new home by performing these 4 simple roof maintenance checks.

1. Clean Out Gutters

When gutters are properly maintained, they can serve their purpose, which is to direct water out and away from your home. So when they get clogged, it’s important to clean them. Otherwise, water can seep into your roofing structure and damage it.

2. Trim Branches

As you care for the roof of your new home, be sure to regularly trim back any branches that are growing close to or over your roof. While this may not seem like that big a deal at the moment, over time the leaves that fall from those branches will get wet and rot, compromising the integrity of your shingles and gradually weakening your roof.

3. Check the Shingles

Speaking of shingles, don’t forget to check your shingles on a regular basis as well, especially following a big storm. Broken or missing shingles leave your roof vulnerable to the elements and create costly problems. You may have to also check your roof sealant and replace that as needed.

4. Professional Inspection

If you own a home, you can’t afford to not maintain your roof. As puts it, “Proper roof maintenance is essential to protecting your investment in your home.” If you’re unsure how to perform roof maintenance yourself, you can always hire someone else to do it for you. After all, having someone else upkeep your roof is better than not upkeeping it at all!

As a new home owner, it’s easy for roof maintenance to get pushed to the bottom of your to do list. But it’s important to maintain your new home’s roof so that it lasts you for years to come. Contact us today!