Should You Clean Your Roof Before Putting Your House on the Market?

When you put your home on the market, it’s so critical to get everything looking nice before potential buyers come and take a look. While most homeowners think of the usual cleaning, de-personalizing, and tidying that needs to be done, they may forget that their home’s exteriors need to be spruced up too. If you want to really impress buyers, you need to clean your roof. Here’s why.

Demonstrates That You Are a Responsible Homeowner

Buyers judge a roof by its appearance. So if your roof has a bunch of branches laying across it and the gutters are full-to-overflowing with dead leaves, buyers may wonder what else you’ve been neglecting. Are there leaks that have gone unnoticed? Is there structural damage that hasn’t been taken care of? Your roof should reflect the care that you put into your home. So do it yourself or hire someone to help, but make sure you clean your roof before listing your home so that buyers aren’t deterred.

Is Worth the Investment

Roof maintenance plays a key role in resale value. You might cringe at the thought of cleaning things up and making necessary repairs to your roof when you’re just going to turn around and sell it anyway. But you have to remember that much of that cost will be recouped (and then some) when you sell your home.

Did you know that Timeless Roofing offers roof cleaning services? Whether you need regular roof maintenance or just a quick spruce before you put your home on the market, we’ve got you covered.

If you start cleaning your roof and discover that it needs repairs done instead, we can do that too. Contact us today!