Storm Damage to Roof: What Should I Do Next?

Storms happen. It’s hard for most of us to predict them and even more difficult to keep your home from being a victim to the elements with storm damage. While your home does a good job of protecting you from the elements, your house itself is sometimes damaged in the process. 

Storm damage to your roof can spell disaster for the rest of your home. It’s one reason that knowing what to do when storms happen is so important. 

If your roof was damaged in the latest storm, here are some next steps: 

storm damage

Inspect the Damage

The first step when dealing with storm damage is discovering the extent of the injury to your home. Sometimes it can be difficult to assess the integrity of your roof from afar, but inspecting storm damage from the safety of the ground is the best option. Grab a pair of binoculars or step into your yard and look for signs of damage. Look for damaged or missing shingles, areas that have been compromised by falling limbs, or any other signs of debris. Document the instances of damage that you can observe. This will help you communicate your home’s condition to your insurance provider–more on that later. 

Make Temporary Fixes

If your roof has severe storm damage it can destroy other parts of your home. The last thing you want after roof damage is for moisture to spread to other parts of your home and ruin living areas. Do whatever you need to do to minimize further damage. For larger gaps in the roof, cover with tarps. If you’ve had a few light leaks in the house, make sure that you’ve got buckets to catch the water. Whatever you do, be careful when traversing a damaged roof and, if there is any concern about structural integrity, leave the repairs to the professionals. 

Reach Out to your Insurance Company

After you’ve assessed the damage and prevented further problems, it’s time to contact your insurance provider. Using the list of damages you recorded in the first step, communicate clearly to your provider the extent of the repairs needed. Take some time to consider whether or not the damage is sufficient enough to warrant cashing in on your homeowner’s insurance or whether it would be better to contact a roofer directly. 

Collaborate to Get It Done

After you’ve decided the route to repairs, work with your insurance company or with a local roofer to wrap up the project and restore your home’s integrity. 

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