The Importance of a Roof Inspection Report

We understand that it’s no easy task to figure out the condition of any residential or commercial roof. Did you know that roof repairs and replacements can cost homeowners thousands of dollars? That’s where roof inspections come in – they can help you prevent expensive repairs in the long term by minimizing damage and identifying issues quickly. Here are our top 5 reasons why you must get your roof inspected regularly and take action after getting the report.

1. Aging and Weathering


Every single roof will age and over time, this will become evident in the form of openings on the roof’s surface. By getting your roof inspected, you can prevent water infiltration from taking place and plan maintenance on these issues to avoid any additional damage. On the topic of leaks – leaks following poor weather are the main cause for the majority of roof inspections. However, sometimes a roof leak could be a symptom of a major problem like mold, rotting wood, or corrosion that has been getting worse over time. Qualified roof inspectors will carry out a thorough leak investigation and provide you with a report to prevent further deterioration.

2. Warranty Repairs

Some of your repairs could be covered under a roof warranty. Calling in a professional roof inspector to conduct the roof inspection could also help you establish if you should file a claim. You need to make sure that all your warranty documents are prepared, and that you file the claim in the appropriate time frame suggested by the inspector.

3. Prevent the Damage Before It Even Begins

You shouldn’t wait for some damage to your roof to book a roof inspection. Instead, getting regular roof inspections is needed to detect any issues on time, monitor them via an inspection report, and stop any additional damage to your property. Your roof inspectors will be able to find any structural faults and will suggest the appropriate repairs.

4. Storm and Routine Maintenance Damage

Air conditioner maintenance could actually cause roof damage. A roof inspector will identify if this is the case and may suggest sealing the access panels on your roof in the inspection report. In addition to this, storm damage can arise from hail and winds. We suggest that you book a roof inspection immediately after this kind of weather.

5. Correct Drainage

Chances are that a roof covered with pools of water will cause leaks or moisture penetration. Roof cleaning can help get rid of trash, leaves, and debris from blocking your roof drains. If you take the roof inspection report seriously, you’re tackling the drainage issue first-hand. When it comes to roofs, out of sight does not equal out of mind and could even work out very costly in the future. Once an in-depth roof inspection has been carried out by an expert, you’ll know whether your drain is blocked and what kind of repair project is needed.

You’ll be pleased to know that we provide in-depth and accurate roof inspection reports with clear images and descriptions here at Timeless Roofing Solutions, get in touch today!