What Is a Roofing Technician Responsible For?

If you are considering a new roof for your property, or suspect your roof needs repair or maintenance work, you may have come across the job title ‘roofing technician’ and wondered what they are responsible for. In this guide, we take a closer look at the role of a roof technician and what duties they have.

What Is a Roofing Technician?

A roofing technician is a skilled roofer who installs and maintains roof structures. Roofing technicians will typically have more education and qualifications than standard roofers as they will often be responsible for leading a roofing team. A roofing technician can work independently or as part of a roofing company.

What Is a Roofing Technician Responsible For?

The specific responsibilities of a roof technician can vary between projects. Typical duties, however, include…

Site Organization

A roofing technician may be responsible for organizing a worksite before a roofing project begins. For example, they will need to check the correct materials are present and the scaffolding is secure and positioned correctly.


Roof technicians need to ensure all other roofers working on a project are following health and safety standards. There are a specific set of risks that accompany working at height and a roofing technician should understand and avoid these risks.


Roofing technicians need to have a wide knowledge of various roofing structures so they can install a variety of roofs. Roofing technicians should also be able to complete bespoke requests from clients and creatively problem solve installation problems.


In addition to the installation of new roofs, roofing technicians should also be able to complete roofing maintenance and repairs. For example, they should know how a system fits together, so it can be taken apart and mended. A technician should have expert knowledge that allows them to quickly find and fix an issue with a roof.


A roofing technician often communicates with a project manager, contractor, or client to ensure everyone is updated with the progress of the roof. If there are any delays, it is essential all relevant individuals or teams are informed as soon as possible to keep the project functioning smoothly.


The organization and care of a roofing project site should be managed by a roofing technician. Keeping a clean and organized site is important for health and safety reasons and ensures roofers can complete their work efficiently. A roofing technician may also be responsible for personnel, such as how many workers are needed at different stages of a project.


The materials required to complete a roofing project will often be the responsibility of a roofing technician. For example, they may need to order roofing materials, check the quality of the materials and order more tools/resources as needed.

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