What To Expect During Your Roof Installation

A roof primarily offers protection from the elements like rain, snow, wind, and extreme temperatures. It prevents mildew and mold growth as well, saving you from health-related issues while ensuring your home stays at the right temperature all day. 

The longevity of your roof is in part contingent upon the installation process. Efficient roof installation guarantees a long-lasting roof without any defects. Familiarizing yourself with the whole installation process will help you be vigilant when hiring a roofing contractor to ensure the best results. Below is the general process of things to expect during your roof installation.

1. Exterior Protection

Exterior protection is the first step as you get your home ready for a roof installation. It would be best to protect your home and valuables from the tearing and breaking involved in the process. Also, remove delicate items from the working area. Ensure you give the roof installers ample space to work comfortably. Apply sheathing on your patio deck and porch so stray roofing materials won’t damage them if they get dropped. Properly secure your garden from falling debris and prune trees near your roof ahead of time to give the installers easy access.


2. Inspection

An inspection determines the requirements for the roof installation. A professional inspector will want to know the scope of work ahead of the installation team. The process involves inspecting the support structure, the attic, and the current roof. This inspection will help your installer know which kind of material they will use for your new roof and the proper dimensions to use.

3. Planning And Scheduling

During the planning process, your contractor will work with you to draw a schedule for the work and secure permits for the installation process. Permits ensure that you don’t violate ordinances. The contractor is supposed to handle the permitting process and guarantee that the homeowner doesn’t get fined. The contractor assigns an overseer for the entire project who will help address the questions and concerns of the homeowner regarding the installation.

4. Removing Old Materials

Your roof replacement will entail the disposal of old shingles. Removing all existing roofing materials from your home ensures everything is new and there’s no possibility of leaks. Removing existing materials will expose any neglected underlying problems, so, unfortunately, you can run into unforeseen repairs, but all this ensures the success of your new roof installation.

5. Hauling Away Debris

In construction projects, debris accumulation is unavoidable. A roofing contractor performs a daily clean-up to dispose of wreckage. The roofers remove waste from your property and check for loose nails or other roofing materials around your home after installation is complete. Your yard should look as good as it did before the installation project.

The process of roof installation can be intimidating if you are not conversant with everything it entails. It will also vary depending on the complexity of installation and the materials needed. Contact Timeless Roofing Solutions in Alabama for fast and effective services for any of your roofing needs.