When To Consider A Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roofs are specifically designed so that they resist wear and tear for as long as possible. Regardless of your maintenance efforts, however, even a well-built roof will need a repair at some point. 

Why Is Commercial Roof Repair Important? 

If the roof is damaged, your commercial building will become weaker and give in to damage caused by wind and rain. Not only does this impact the shell of your building, but it also puts the belongings inside your building and your employees at risk too. 

Did you know that a commercial roof has a lifespan of 10 to 40 years, depending on maintenance and the materials that have been used on the roof? If you’d like your roof to last 40-years, then carry on reading! Here, we’re going to help you decide when it’s time to consider a commercial roof repair – and remember, the sooner you spot commercial roof issues, the better as you’ll avoid heavy costs and building closures. 


Water Is Forming In Pools 

Even though you may feel that water pooling on your roof won’t do much damage, it can be very harmful to your building. The signs of water pooling will become visible after only a few days, so what should you do if water pools on your roof? Give us a ring at Timeless Roofing Solutions. The reason? If your roof is gathering lots of water, then chances are there are drainage issues and water could end up leaking into your building, especially after periods of heavy rainfall. This could lead to the growth of mold and become a serious health issue for yourself and your employees. Your commercial building will also become structurally weaker as its carrying extra weight, making it more susceptible to seepage. 

You Spot Bubbles On Your Roof

Although we have positive connotations of bubbles (in a general setting), in this case, they can be very unsightly. Increased levels of heat and moisture can cause your roof’s surface to bubble, and although this won’t necessarily cause the membrane to fail, bubbles can be a sign of moisture or poor ventilation, so it’s wise to deal with this quickly to protect the lifespan of your roof.  

There Are Gaps In Your Roof Flashing 

Gaps in roof flashing allow lots of water and debris to get into your building, which could weaken its overall structure and lead to damp and mold forming.

Water Isn’t Draining Away Properly

If drains and gutters get clogged with debris, leaves, or branches, they need to be emptied as soon as possible. If this is not done, it will lead to pools of water forming on your commercial building roof and could result in leaks, mold, and damp forming on your internal walls. 

What Happens During A Commercial Roof Repair? 

We recommend getting your commercial roof checked twice a year so that the building can be properly maintained. What will the inspection include? Checking for tears, damage to flashings, drain blockages, the seals around vents, and more. Regular maintenance will help you avoid pricey commercial roofing repairs, and will prevent you from having to replace the entire roof. 

If you’re in need of a professional for your commercial roof repair, give our team a call at Timeless Roofing Solutions.